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A Step Forward, Inc

Beginning Effective
Recovery Together

Better Days Housing

Build Fellowship

Changing Directions

Foundation of Hope, Inc.

National Women's Prison
Project, Inc.

Next Step Housing

Patrick Allison House

Port Recovery

Tael Enterprise, Inc.

Together We Can, Inc.

Transitioning Lives, Inc.


September, 2014

The Baltimore Area Association for Supportive Housing was formed by providers in the greater Baltimore metropolitan area.

Besides its members, BAASH benefits homeless persons, their families and other Baltimore disenfranchised. Its Services benefit the City of Baltimore and all of its social services including housing, education, crime prevention, the workforce and the City's continuum of care, including correction facilities.

Services to members will include partnering with existing agencies, advocacy on public and legislative issues, and establishing industry standards and best practices.

The Mission of the Baltimore Area Association for Supportive Housing is to bring together supportive housing providers who recognize the right of each person to have the choice of safe, decent and affordable housing.

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Created with support from the
Citizens Planning and Housing Association
(CPHA), and the Abell Foundation

[email protected]
• 410-539-1369 x223